Acrylic Face for Channel Letters

The acrylic material used by Channel Letter Depot is guaranteed to withstand harsh weather elements and maintain a clean and vibrant appearance for many years. The chart below outlines the most commonly used acrylic colours, however, customized colours are available by contacting Channel Letter Depot.

Channel Letter Return Chart

The term ‘return’ refers to the side portion of a channel letter. The return is responsible for providing letter depth, and is often constructed using aluminum. At Channel Letter Depot, returns are available in depths of 3″, 5″, and 8″.

While most returns are designed using pre-cloured aluminum, it is also possible to request the return be painted in a customized colour to enhance the unique properties of your signage. The chart below outlines the standard pre-coated return colours.

Channel Letter Trim Cap Colour

Trim caps are plastic moldings used to fasten the acrylic channel letter face to the return. Trim caps are available in a wide array of colours to further enhance the customized properties of a Channel Letter Depot product.

At Channel Letter Depot, we use only the most durable trim caps. The most commonly used colours are outlined in the chart below, however, customized colours are available by contacting our customer service team.