Front & Halo Lit Channel Letters (Combination) combine both Front and Halo styles, lighting up the front of each letter from within, and also casting a bright light on the backdrop so each letter is dramatically highlighted. The backs of the letters near the mounting surface are transparent so some light creates a background halo.

Key Benefits

  • Highly dramatic and clearly visible, creating a striking appearance with a clean, architectural look
  • Combines the impressive and professional qualities of both front and reverse lit channel letters
  • Front and reverse lights can be different colors presenting a unique opportunity to create an even more powerful visual impact

Typical Specs

  • 3″ or 5″ deep 0.040″ pre-finished aluminum returns
  • 1″ trim cap
  • 3/16″ acrylic faces
  • 1/8″ clear lexan backs
  • LED illumination
  • 120V power supplies
  • UL certified

Available upon request:

  • Vinyl (translucent, day/night or digital print vinyl)
  • Custom painted trim cap / returns (Matthews or Akzo Nobel paint system)