The LED Advantage

LED’s or light-emitting diodes are ideal for channel letter applications with depths upwards of 2″
(inches). Channel Letter Depot builds illuminated channel letters with LED’s that offer substantial
advantages while delivering advanced quality and exceptional performance.

Channel Letter Depot Illuminated Letters include:

  • Industry renowned LEDs, offering the best possible colour, brightness, efficiency and reliability.
  • A L70 rating of up to 100,000 hours.
  • The patented Quick Connect system, designed to reduce installation time, save costs, and
    lessen potential failure points.
  • A variety of mounting options, including genuine 3M VHB tape and structural frame mechanical

End-User Benefits

A reduction in power outages, less maintenance expenses, and fewer labour hours as a result of sign

  • Heightened value, with less power consumption.
  • No need to extend deadlines as a result of broken neon
  • Added advertising value
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Extended sign life
  • Extended reusability
  • Extreme durability, even in harsh climates
  • Easier to repair
  • Greater consistency

Benefits to the Sign Company

    • Eliminated possibility of neon breakage
    • Rapid sign installation
    • JIT purchasing
    • Faster letter assembly
    • More cost efficient
    • LED requires significantly reduced storage space, and is lighter in weight, making it cheaper to
      ship and are virtually indestructible
    • The need to store, ship, or handle toxic materials is eliminated

Distributor Benefits

    •  Selling LED increases profitability
    • Losses are eliminated as a result of less broken glass
    • Less warehouse space is needed to store LEDs as opposed to neon tubes.