Sign Boxes (Cabinet) are an alternative to channel letters and can be made in any shape, size and design. It can be mounted (on a pole or storefront), non illuminated or illuminated (using fluorescent lamps, neon or, more commonly, LED technology).

Smaller signs usually have acrylic faces while bigger signs typically have polycarbonate faces because they don’t break and are easy to handle. Double sided sign boxes add more advertising space (because they’re visible from both sides) and are highly suitable for locations with lots of foot traffic.

Key Benefits

  • Generally less expensive than other types of signs so it’s a cost-effective way to promote your business
  • Easy to install onto a pole or pylon, integrate into stonework or onto an existing foundation
  • The frame makes it strong, sturdy and long lasting
  • Custom contouring can incorporate a dramatic shape and can be single or double sided (increasing your sign’s visibility and effectiveness)