Considered the “standard”, Front Lit Channel Letters have translucent faces. Neon gas tubes or, more commonly, LED modules are used to illuminate the letters and each letter has an acrylic face and aluminum backing and is self-contained.

Key Benefits

  • Front lit channel letters are highly customizable, economical and easy to read
  • Light shines toward the viewer from inside each character, making it appear to be fabricated from pure light
  • Front lit channel letters create an upscale appearance that highlights your business’s brand message

Typical Specs

  • 3″ or 5″ deep 0.040″ pre-finished aluminum returns
  • 1″ trim cap
  • 3/16″ acrylic faces
  • 1/8″ white ACP backs
  • LED illumination
  • 120V power supplies
  • UL certified

Available upon request:

  • Vinyl (translucent, day/night or digital print vinyl)
  • Custom painted trim cap / returns (Matthews or Akzo Nobel paint system)